VB.NET - VBA Code Drag and Drop 2!

The program “ExVBADragDrop” is continued to develop in two versions. German and English. Old versions remain on the server. Das Programm "ExVBADragDrop" wird in zwei Versionen weiter entwickelt. Deutsch und Englisch. Alte Versionen bleiben auf dem Server.You must have installed the .NET Framework on the computer. The files at the end of the article are MSI setupfiles.

MSI Setup English
MSI Setup Deutsch


VB.NET - VBA Code Drag and Drop!

With this tool you can pull VBA code by drag and drop from the application in an Office document, either into the document or into the VBA editor. The program is self-describing. The VBA code is read from text files, which are in a subfolder of the application. If a file with same name is found plus ending “.faq”, assistance can be spent over this file. Example: File is called "Sample.txt" - help file is called then "Sample.txt.faq". The text and help files are in subfolders like applications are called (e. g. Excel, Word…). If you maintain the structure, the program can be easily extended. In irregular distances I extend the program and add new codes in Excel. In the other Tabs there is only one example - now it is your turn. If you minimize the program, it is put down in the System tray and with one click again indicated. You must have installed the .NET Framework on the computer. The file at the end of the article is a MSI setupfile.

ExVBADragDropSetup.msi MSI Setup

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